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Ship Chartering & Brokering

Marlon works with an extensive network of international freight forwarders and ship brokers to find suitable chartering vessels whilst negotiating the best routes and prices.

Ship Management

Marlon offers a full range of comprehensive ship management services to domestic and international clients. It will manage dry cargo vessels of various ship owners throughout the world.

Crew Management

Marlon covers all aspects of vessel performance, focusing on safe and environmentally sound operations, high quality maintenance programs, including crew management.

Ship Agency

Marlon offers ship agency forwarding services to ship owners and charterers entering ports in the UK. Marlon is a valuable partner and resource for ship owners helping them to navigate at port of call.

Marlon forwarding services will include (but not limited to) the following services:

  • Bunker and lubrication oil supplies
  • Fresh water and provisions supplies
  • Spare parts and technical parts supplies
  • Navigational equipment and ship store supplies
  • Garbage removal and liquid and compact wastes removal services
  • Landing documentation

Intermediary Trading

Marlon provides professional intermediary trading services for companies seeking to develop and enter new markets both within the United Kingdom and beyond. As business operations in a new foreign market is a challenge for every company, the Company’s goal is to provide transparent and diplomatic intermediary services that facilitates mutually-beneficial trade agreements that lead to business success.

Marlon services includes (but not limited to) the following services:

  • Business development and consultancy activities
  • Identify prospective trading partners on behalf of clients
  • Negotiate supply and trade contracts on behalf of clients
  • Secure new import and export markets
  • Research and gather local market intelligence
  • Dry, bulk cargo, mineral, iron, steel, fertilisier. livestock

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