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Who Are We

Marlon United Shipping Trade is managed and directed by its proprietor Erkan Karabulut. A dedicated and lifelong maritime professional Mr. Karabulut brings to the venture over 33 years of experience in international trade and shipping.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide professional and trusted shipping services that enhances the international movement and goods and accelerates the introduction and supply of products into the marketplace.

What We Do

We usually active on shipping business on the sea of Mediterranean, Agean Sea, Black Sea and East cost of Atlantic Ocean. That does not mean that we are limited in this area and obviously trade World Wide.

Our history

Mr. Karabulut’s initial foray into international shipping and the marine industry started in 1984 with Seren Denizcilik, a barge company located in Istanbul. During his three years at Seren Denizcilik, Mr. Karabulut gained valuable hands on experience regarding the day-to-day operations of a maritime-related company. He spent time in a variety of different departments including accounting, brokerage, marine insurance, logistics and shipping agency. Always eager to learn, Mr. Karabulut excelled in all of his responsibility areas.

Between 1987 and 1995, Mr. Karabulut was involved and employed in several other shipping ventures including OBO Shipping and Bosmar Denizilik. Mr. Karabulut was actively involved in the establishment and effective operations of the company. Due to a variety of reasons, these companies where dissolved.

In 1995, Mr. Karabulut founded Bosmar Ship Agency Tourism and Maritime Trade. From its humble beginnings as a company offering ship agency services to small number charterers and ship owners, the company has grown to become a well-known integrated shipping services company with services across all of ports in Turkey and provides services to customers across Europe.

Under the direction of Mr. Karabulut and his partner, the company while still known for its reputable agency services is now involved in chartering, ship brokering, ship management, stevedoring, storage, and intermediary trading services. Bosmar Ship Agency Tourism and Maritime Trade is also deeply involved in the import and export of raw and processed minerals including ore, magnesite, clay, cement and refectory materials into Turkey, Europe and Asia. Today, Mr. Karabulut leads and directs the entire corporation and is the majority shareholder with 95% of the corporate shares.

In addition to building, growing and managing Bosmar Ship Agency Tourism and Maritime Trade for the past 30 years Mr. Karabulut has been involved in other entrepreneurial projects and ventures. In 1988 Mr. Karabulut helped to establish Bosmar Limited Cyprus a foreign trade company operating in Northern Cyprus with a national business partner. In 1989, Mr. Karabulut also helped to establish Tan Iron Steel Industry and Trade Co., which operates in the industry sector in Turkey. Both of these ventures became successful and are still in operations today. Mr. Karabulut sold his shares in the respected companies to his business partners for a healthy profit and return on his original investment.

Mr. Karabulut is a respected businessman in the Turkish shipping and maritime industry. He holds membership in many professional organizations including the Maritime Chamber of Commerce in Turkey, Association of Shipyards and Agencies and the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Karabulut holds a post-secondary degree in Business Administration from Marmara University.

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